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Rob was raised by parents who were entrepreneurs, traveling the globe to import beads and other objects of interest to sell as wholesalers and retailers. He learned about jewelry-making and stained glass from his mother, and he eventually began teaching stained glass for the retail store. It was here that he found his passion for the precision and attention to detail that this form of art requires.

When he was older, Rob applied these skills to tile. He apprenticed under a master tile-setter––learning the trade, honing his skill, and perfecting his craft.

Rob has been a licensed and bonded tile contractor since 2004, specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels from start to finish. His services include tile, granite, stone, quartz, floors, backsplashes, and various outdoor projects such as stone facades and stone barbecue areas.

If your project involves tile, give The Tile Guy a call today!

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